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October 9, 2018| Admin

The HTML Structure of the Flyingthemes template is very easy to customize. All of the information within the main content area is nested within separate sections. HTML is commented well so you can easily make an update.

Below are the major sections on the page which are properly commented.

To rearrange any section simply copy the whole section content from the start to closing end of the section and past it anywhere on the page. Remember to paste it outside other section.

The css files used on the website are found in the head section of the page which are commented so that you can understand which stylesheet is used for what.

There are 2 Main Stylesheets:
1. bootstrap.min.css
2. style.css

– The bootstrap.min.css contains the basic website structure properties based on Twitter Bootstrap.
– The style.css contains all the styles created specifically for this template. Any changes needed are to be done in this file.

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